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Are you a passionate TikTok creator looking for an exciting opportunity to earn while promoting transformative self-help books? Look no further! Join our Affiliation Partnership Program today and be a part of a journey that not only empowers you financially but also contributes to spreading positivity and personal growth.

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Why Partner with Us?

Join our program to significantly amplify your influence across your platform, and simultaneously unlock the potential to generate substantial revenue by promoting our diverse range of high-quality, impactful self-help content

Earn Commission on Every Sale

For each sale generated through your unique affiliate link, earn a competitive commission. Your success is our success!

Flexible and Creative Freedom

You have the creative freedom to promote our books in a way that resonates best with your audience. Be it through engaging content, reviews, or innovative storytelling - the sky is the limit!

Promote Top Self-Help Books

Our selection, including titles like "Shadow Work Workbook" and "The Gratitude Workbook," is celebrated for its quality and transformative impact.

Scalable Commission Rate!

As your sales increase, so does your earning potential. Our scalable commission rate is designed to recognize and reward your efforts, ensuring that the more successful you are in promoting our books, the higher the rewards you reap.

Progressive Income

Commission Rates


Commission per Copy Sold


First 50 Copies Sold


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First 100 Copies Sold


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Once reached 250 Copies Sold

Amazon Attribution to Measure your Efforts!

This system allows us to gain visibility into how your promotional efforts on platforms like TikTok help customers discover and consider our books on Amazon.

Learn More about Amazon attribution
  • We assign you a Unique Link
    Each content creator is provided with a unique link specific to their account, ensuring that all traffic and sales can be accurately attributed to you!

  • Tracking Clicks and Sales
    You can monitor clicks and sales through your unique link, gaining insights into user engagement and the success of your promotional activities in driving purchases.

  • 14 days Cookie Window
    This means that if a customer clicks on your unique link and makes a purchase on Amazon within 14 days, you will receive credit for that sale.

Regular Updates:
Bi-Weekly Email Reports

Receive bi-weekly emails with detailed reports on your affiliate link's performance. These updates will provide essential insights into clicks, sales, and conversion rates, helping you optimize your promotional strategies effectively.

Regular Payment Schedule

Our affiliates enjoy a consistent payment schedule with monthly payouts. You can expect timely and regular compensation for your successful marketing efforts, ensuring a steady income stream from your partnership with us. This monthly payment cycle is designed to provide reliability and ease in managing your earnings.

Ready to start earning?

Join our affiliate program and earn by promoting exceptional products. It's a simple, rewarding way to monetize your influence and help others discover valuable content. Sign up now and start your profitable journey!

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