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The Mental Manipulator Will No Longer Keep Secrets From You!
It’s not as uncommon as you might think…and it’s more than just an abusive relationship issue. In fact, there are common games that manipulators play, and they are all revealed in this book!
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A very interesting book! The author has covered the topic better than the couple of books I've read to date on dark psychology. In particular, I've found the discussion on 'Principles of persuasion' and NLP to be the most memorable. The breath of the book, covering the topic so widely, is also a major positive.

nice 'dark' book

I was familiar with works by Daniel Goleman and Robert Cialdini, so I knew (more or less) the topic; however Margaret did a nice job of putting together information on how to recognize a manipulator and how to defend from them. Good book!

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Manipulators are experts at making you think they have your best interest at heart. They know how to dress up their intentions so that you don’t see them for what they really are – someone who wants to use and abuse you.
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