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Trucking Business Startup: Everything You Need to Know to Start, Run, and Scale a Profitable Trucking Company
This go-to source for anything and everything related to setting up your own trucking business is a book that you will not read once and place to one side. The guidance within will support you in all aspects of your business and be a source of information you will constantly refer back to.
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Ashley Keihn
Great Step by Step Instructions

I've been around truckers all my life. My grandfather, uncles, cousins, and father have all been in trucking. This is a great ride. Very user-friendly and easy to understand. Love the step-by-step process that gets into the weeds but doesn't overwhelm. Pick it up if you're in the business.

David Heaggy
Trucking Business Startup

There are so many regulations when it comes to the trucking industry, and this book did a great job of explaining everything involved from the very start. This was an easy read with valuable info; highly recommend it if considering this industry!

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Trucking Business Startup 2021-2022 with the Most Up-to-Date Information, will help you achieve what you want. So, if you have any interest in starting your own trucking business, you cannot afford to miss out on this book! Grab a copy today. Become your own boss and a glowing success!
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